Do you have entrepreneurship spirit to setup and run business in sanitation & water sector?

Implementing an innovative technology towards better environmental sustainability

Recycling of waste products to nutrients for community benefits

Offering services to manage sanitation and generate revenues

What you need is

Avail resources and support to develop a strong sustainable business model

Practical guidance and advice from technical and business experts

Understanding finances, business marketing and acquisition


Platform to get connected to our peer networks

Support to start your own enterprise


Our offer at a glance


Our course content gives you the knowledge you need to develop your idea, create a strong business model, perfect your pitch and launch and manage your business.


Our expert coaches are here to help make your business happen! They can provide practical advice, facilitate introductions, connect you to funding opportunities and help to register your enterprise firm.


The cewas South Asia community connects you to multi-sectorial think-tank members and like-minded sanipreneurs to exchange ideas and develop your business.

2017 cewas start-up programme agenda


To understand the technology and its business potential.


This module will introduce you to the business ideas which support the goals of Swachh Maharashtra Abhiyan. The ideas are as follows:

1. Resource recovery and reuse oriented sanitation systems
2. Improved sanitation systems for urban and rural India
3. Innovative technology for better environmental sustainability.

The module will assist you to gauge the potential these ideas have to make it into a full-fledged sustainable business. This will pave the foundation stone to the next module of business development.


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To develop the business plan and launch it into an enterprise.


The module 2 will constitute of three sessions which will help you to draft a business plan, pitch to the partners and investors and launch the enterprise. The Business Model Development session will help the Sanipreneurs in you to create business canvas and understand the external environment.

The Business Plan Development session will assist the Sanipreneurs to develop their marketing strategy after analyzing the competitors. The Founding and Managing Business session elaborates the importance of strategizing the business with integrated strong financial management ethics.


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We offer our "cewas South Asia Entrepreneurship Development Programme" in discounted rates:

Ecological Sanitation Training Module with Business Development Module at INR 7,000.00 + 18% GST only.

Toilet + Training Module with Business Development Module at INR 8,000.00 + GST only.

Septage Management Training Module with Business Development Module at INR 7,000.00 + 18% GST only.

Fee for entire program (Ecological Sanitation, Toilet+, Septage Management Training Module with Business Development Module) at INR 10,000.00 + 18% GST.

Course fee includes materials, excursions, one-to-one coaching, tea/coffee, lunch, wi-fi and enterprise registration. The price of the Programme doesn't cover travel and lodging.

The Sanipreneur will be refunded the fees of the program once he/she registers the enterprise and achieve 50% of the target revenue in the first year.

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